MS80 Update #4


Hello! This is the fourth development update for MEANWHILE IN SECTOR 80.

MS80 is an upcoming game about being stranded on an alien planet with nothing but your skills as an engineer and a bunch of random junk.

It's been a couple months since our last update. Since then, we've had our heads down and we've made some great progress on the game.

New Parts!

We've been making all sorts of new parts: railguns, batteries, laser emitters, RTGs, helmets, heatsinks, backpacks, large fusion reactors, giant capacitors, and more!

Nicer UI!

Our UI got a fresh coat of paint and a bunch of new functionality across the board.

We also swapped out our static crosshair for a dynamic 3D crosshair that points exactly where your current weapon is aiming.

In the future, we'll tie features like this to parts, like gimbals, ballistics processors, and helmets with extra targeting information.

Fancy Lighting!

One of the big recent projects was a rework of our lighting. Across the board, we have fuller lighting, better reflections, and a brand new atmosphere model!


The physics in the game are ready for primetine! We now accurately simulate conduction, convection, and radiation of heat between all objects in the game. Heatsinks, adhesive, and good design are an important tool to keep stuff cool.

We also improved the colliders on every kind of object in the game, especially noticeable for characters and complicated pieces of equipment.

That's all, folks

That's all for this update!

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