About Second Half

Second Half is an indie game studio. We're currently working on MEANWHILE IN SECTOR 80, a game about humanity in the distant future.

The Team

Studio Director
3D Artist
Writer & Narrative Designer

Pillars of the Studio

Collaboration is Key

Games are a product of who makes them. We want every team member to be able to express themselves in the games we make.

Handcrafted by Humans

The human element is what makes games great! We are staunchly anti-AI.

No Crunch, Low Stress

We're here to create games that bring joy, but that can't come at the cost of burning ourselves out.

The Technology

We're building our game in a high performance, custom engine named Cyrtanthus, written in Rust. We're a big fan of the Rust community and open source as a whole.

You can find us on GitHub, where we share some of the technology we've built while working on our game.